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The Report

I thought about the recent Mueller Report. There was great anticipation surrounding its release. In one camp there are those who hoped the report would bring enough evidence to impeach and ultimately, remove the current President from the Office. Others firmly believed that it would vindicate the President and thus be a reason to move away from the many accusations and controversy that have plagued the current officeholder.

The summary of the long awaited document has not satisfied either group. The fact is that the President is still not exonerated.

While the nation’s and the world’s attention has been focused on the Mueller Report, there remains a truth that none of us can escape. There is a report that affects each person on the planet being written in the Court of Heaven. What will it say about you? about me? It is important to remember that your purpose for your life today many not be so important that it will change a nation but it is enough to change your world and the people with whom you come in contact. It is significant to always remember that each of us must live from our God-given purpose. Do not feel that your impact does not matter; it does.

Biblical Life Coaching can help you to discover your life’s purpose and to clarify any blocks to its fulfillment. It is not therapy but therapeutic. Coaching comes from a place of strengths so providing a diagnosis is never involved. Biblical Life Coaching applies the principles found in Scripture that empowers you to be the best that God created you to be.

Think about your final report. You get to have the last word so make today count!

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