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Biblical Life Coaching

What is a Biblical Life Coach?  First of all, a Life Coach is one who helps a person to identify any blocks that are preventing completion of one’s life goals.  A Biblical Life Coach uses principles from the Bible.

  1. Coaching takes a person from where they are in the present to where they want to be in their future

  2. A Biblical Life Coach helps a person to go from where they are in the present to where God wants them to be.

  3. Coaching involves listening uses effective questions rather than giving advice.

  4. Biblical Life Coaching works with Christians and non-Christians alike because of its emphasis on listening.

  5. Life Coaching does not involve diagnosis so the focus is on overall wellness.  There is no focus on fixing a problem.

As a Certified Biblical Life Coach I use my genuine interest in and caring for each person’s ability to grow and to positively change to help them to achieve their desired outcomes.  It is exciting to see how often and how quickly people move into their created purpose when they are “heard”.

As a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) clinician, which uses the skill of solution-directed questions, Biblical Life Coaching becomes a natural fit.  SFBT involves a belief in the power of the person to change and applying Biblical principles greatly enhances that view.

Biblical Marriage Coaching

Biblical marriage coaching uses the principles of the Bible and prayer to support the individuals to achieve their respective Desired Outcomes within their marriage. Through the use of SFBT and the Bible, the focus is on the best of the past to reflect on a powerful present. Each person can realize their Best Hopes for their marriage because they realize it is possible for themselves.

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