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Open Communication

There are three (3) steps to O.pen Communication:

  1. Listen

  2. Listen

  3. Go back to Step 1.

What? Is it that simple? It can be but it is important to know what I mean by "listen".

  • Listen without judgment. In other words, do not presume you already know what he or she is saying to you and why. If you listen in this way, you start thinking about your answer without staying present to what your partner is saying. Instead, listen, stay focused, be present to what is being said. Let the words settle in before you give a response.

  • Listen with empathy. Be genuinely interested in what is being said in the moment from the other's perspective. Listen with your heart, not your head. If you truly care about what is being said to you, you will notice a difference in your partner and it is important to know what is that difference.

  • Listen more. Practice makes perfect. Practicing listening to your partner will help you to listen to others in your life without the need to be right: listen to your children, your friends, your co-workers and others in your personal universe using steps 1 and 2 and you will notice measurable shifts in the people with whom you love, live, and work. You will hear their hearts. It will be transformative in others but more so in yourself.

Finally, understand that God is listening to you. His heart of love imparts to us unconditional and open love that allows us to feel free to share all of our concerns to Him without fear. When we listen to our partners with the love that God gives us, it opens up a little heaven on earth.

O.pen Communication is one of the Eight Steps to Strengthening the Sacred Bond Course. To find out more about the course, you can sign up for my Monthly Newsletter at:; send an email to and subscribe to my YouTube channel - Marriage Miracles:

Happy Listening!

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1 Comment

Joycie Brantley
Joycie Brantley
May 22, 2023

This is good! Thanks for sharing this.

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