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Black Women and Mental Health

In honor of Women's History Month, I'd like to talk to you about women and mental health, specifically black women and mental health.

There is something called the Strong Black Woman Syndrome. What is that you ask? Well, it seems there has been a pattern of behavior noted about Black women. This belief may stem from the same place that birthed the "Angry Black Woman"; nonetheless, it states that Black women are strong. So strong that they do not need help. I want to explore this notion here.

I call this a "myth" because the data shows that Black women have more episodes of sadness than their European counterparts yet when Black women seek help, their feelings are minimized. Dismissed. When she is ignored enough, she begins to believe that her feelings are not important and subsequently does not ask for help. Many Black women find it hard to seek help especially when their feelings are minimized. The notion of the Strong Black Woman Syndrome is a double-edged sword in that it serves as an excuse to not address the emotional, and psychological needs of Black women by culturally incompetent mental health providers while it also perpetuates their silencing. Unfortunately, this silence shows up in the marriage. Some Black women find it easier to "just do things myself" rather than ask for the help she needs. That belief results in incomplete communication to her partner, angry talk, and shutdown.

I am on a mission to change this through my course Marriage Miracles: 8 Steps to Strengthen the Sacred Bond. The 8 Steps are G.O.D.S. P.L.A.N. for Marriage an eight-week online course via Zoom where couples explore with each other and other couples each aspect of G.O.D.S. P.L.A.N. In the module on O.pen Communication, the couples get to explore how to really communicate with each other that helps them to both receive what they each need from the other as well as learn how to serve each other's needs.

For more information about this course, you can contact me at or Become part of my mailing list to receive the monthly newsletter and to register for the upcoming Spring Marriage Course.

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