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How to Download Fifth Business by Robertson Davies for Free

How to Download Fifth Business by Robertson Davies for Free

Fifth Business is a classic novel by Canadian author Robertson Davies, first published in 1970. It is the first book of the Deptford Trilogy, which explores the life of Dunstan Ramsay, a man who is haunted by his involvement in a childhood incident that changed the fate of several people. The novel blends realism, myth, magic and history, and examines themes such as guilt, identity, morality and religion.

If you are interested in reading or listening to this masterpiece of Canadian literature, you might be wondering how to get it for free. Fortunately, there are some ways to download Fifth Business by Robertson Davies for free, legally and safely. Here are some options:

fifth business audio book free download

  • Internet Archive: This is a non-profit digital library that offers free access to millions of books, audio files, videos and other media. You can find both the text and the audio version of Fifth Business by Robertson Davies on this website. The audio version is a radio drama adaptation by CBC from 1980, which features the voice of Davies himself as the narrator. You can stream or download the files from here for the audio version and from here for the text version.

  • Free Audiobooks: This is a website that offers free audiobooks of various genres and categories. You can find Fifth Business by Robertson Davies on this website as well. The audio version is a narration by Marc Vietor, who is a professional audiobook narrator and actor. You can stream or download the files from here.

  • Library: If you have a library card, you might be able to borrow Fifth Business by Robertson Davies from your local library or from an online library service. Many libraries offer ebooks and audiobooks that you can access from your computer or mobile device. You can check if your library has Fifth Business by Robertson Davies by searching their catalog or website.

These are some of the ways to download Fifth Business by Robertson Davies for free. However, if you enjoy this novel and want to support the author and publisher, you might consider buying a copy from a bookstore or an online retailer. You can also check out the other two books of the Deptford Trilogy: The Manticore and World of Wonders.

If you want to know more about the author of Fifth Business, you might be interested in his biography and achievements. Robertson Davies was born in 1913 in Thamesville, Ontario, and grew up in a literary and theatrical family. His father was a newspaperman and a senator, and his mother was a keen reader and storyteller. Davies developed a love for books and drama at an early age, and attended Upper Canada College in Toronto, where he wrote for the student paper. He then studied at Queen's University in Kingston, but did not graduate because he failed the mathematics exam. He went on to Oxford University, where he earned a degree in literature and wrote his thesis on Shakespeare's boy actors.

Davies had a varied and prolific career as a journalist, playwright, professor, critic and novelist. He worked as an actor and director for the Old Vic Theatre in London, where he met his wife Brenda Mathews, a stage manager. He returned to Canada in 1940 and became the editor of the Peterborough Examiner, a newspaper owned by his brother-in-law. He also wrote humorous essays under the pseudonym of Samuel Marchbanks, which he later collected in several books. He taught English at the University of Toronto from 1960 to 1981, and was the founding master of Massey College, a graduate residential college. He was also a prominent figure in the Canadian literary scene, serving as the president of the Canadian Authors Association and the Canadian Writers' Foundation.

Davies is best known for his novels, especially his three trilogies: The Salterton Trilogy, The Deptford Trilogy and The Cornish Trilogy. His novels are rich in erudition, wit, imagination and psychological insight. They explore themes such as art, religion, myth, identity, morality and fate. They also reflect Davies' own interests and experiences, such as his fascination with Jungian psychology, his involvement with theatre and opera, and his observations of Canadian society and culture. Davies received many awards and honours for his work, including the Governor General's Award, the Lorne Pierce Medal, the Stephen Leacock Medal and the Companion of the Order of Canada. He died in 1995 at the age of 82. 29c81ba772


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