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Yeremey Dementiev
Yeremey Dementiev

Half-Life Deathmatch: Source ((BETTER)) Download]

when i think of cs:source i think of the middle child. where 1.6 and global offensive get all the love, source is usually overlooked by most people. this doesnt mean its a bad game by any means just more so highly underrated. whenever it goes on sale give it a chance and play it. im sure youll find something enjoyable about the game thatll make you wanna come back.

Half-Life Deathmatch: Source Download]

the player stats tab shows you your recent stats in the game. on the top of the page you can see your steam friends list, the achievements you've unlocked, and the number of followers you have. favorites feature lets you save your favorite games for future use.

once you start playing, you will see the help section at the bottom of the screen. use hotkeys to move, shoot, and pick up items. you can also message the host to communicate with other players, and you can change the camera angle to see the best action.

the guides feature of the game shows you how to perform certain actions like jumping, shooting, and throwing items. clicking on a hotkey in the hotbar will activate that hotkey which can help you perform certain tasks easier.

if you have a controller connected to your pc, you can use the controller's axis to control the game. if you have a mouse, you can also use the mouse to aim and jump. clicking f1 will open the game menu with the options to change the camera angle, change the resolution, and exit the game.


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