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Lierre Keith How A Former Vegan Learned To Love Meat UPD

@Cathetine Meat is not sustainable. For the love of God, watch Cowspiracy. And honesty - don't pull the grass-fed cuddled loved neighbourhood cow farm card. Would you think it was morally acceptable if someone complimented you daily, pretended to be your ally, only to find out he slits your throat as soon as you're fat enough? I'm sorry but soopajx is right. You just can't justify meat eating by pointing out ridiculous dangers of veganism that don't appear educated in the slightest.

Lierre Keith | How a Former Vegan Learned to Love Meat

I agree! There's an ethical way to eat meat. What vegans annoy me most about is their total ignorance of where their food comes from and the environmental toll wheat, soy, and corn grown for human consumption has on wildlife and the planet. Cows would cease to exist without people eating them. Fields require animal manure OR petroleum for fertilizer. No cows, no manure! The vegetarian myth is a great resource and written by a former 20 year vegan. Lierre keith suffered permanent physical effects from her restrictive diet and wrote about it

I'm in complete agreement with this article and tired of self righteous vegans. The China Study has been debunked, I'm sure you can prove or disprove any points you wish with books. I also strongly believe in biochemical individuality, which basically means everyone is different and different people may do well on different diets.If you want to be vegan, that's fine, just leave me and others alone. I was vegan for two and a half years in college and became very, very ill. I tried every variation: raw foods, macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, etc. I never felt good, I had terrible digestion, never slept well and had constant cravings. On a raw diet, I was so tired, I would come home from my day an spend the night laying in bed.I finally met a nutritionist in L.A., who put me on an anti-Candida diet, which is high protein and low carb. I felt amazing after about two weeks. I don't follow that diet now, but I do eat some meat.It does bother me that animals are sometimes incredibly mistreated for food. I have made several attempts since then to be vegan and always end up feeling terrible, even with guidance from nutritionists, etc.I do agree that we can eat meat moderately to limited to improve the health of the planet, etc.I love animals, but if it's between me and the animal, I'm going to choose myself. Unfortunately, life is not always kind and there are some cruelties involved in living. Even if you eat vegan, there are animal ingredients in other products you may be using. And if you wear clothes, at least some of them are probably made in sweatshops where humans are mistreated. Same for Iphones.Catherine's article is right on. 041b061a72


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