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Hunter Martinez

Acting: The First Six Lessons. (Theatre Arts Book)

Richard Boleslavsky (1889-1937) (born Ryszard Boleslawski)was a Polish actor and director. He was a member of the Moscow ArtTheatre and director of its First Studio. He emigrated to New York inthe 1920s and was the first teacher of the Stanislavski system ofacting in the West. Although he went on to produce plays on Broadwayand was a leading Hollywood director in the 1930s and 1940s, hisenduring work is contained in this book Acting: The First SixLessons.

Acting: The First Six Lessons. (Theatre Arts Book)

This really is the ultimate guidebook for actors who are determined to initiate and sustain a successful acting career in Los Angeles or in their hometowns. Filled with practical advice, Acting Is Everything helps beginners avoid scams so they can get down to the business of getting work. Written by a renowned acting coach, it helps actors do it right the first time, saving them time, money and heartache.

Payment should accompany order if you are a new customer. Current customers will be invoiced with payment due in 30 days. Institutions billed per their requirements. ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. Books fully returnable up to ten days after purchase with prior notification.. All credit cards accepted. Postage: $4.00 for first book, $1.75 for each thereafter for USPS media mail. Postage for larger books, international orders and priority mail quoted individually. Reciprocal 20% Dealer Discount. All books in at least Very Good Condition in Very Good Dust Jacket unless otherwise stated. 041b061a72


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