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Sweet Ballz Where To Buy

It's one of the hardest questions for a kid. Which would you want more: cake or candy? For years, we've struggled with this sugary question, trying in vain to create something that wasn't just candy with a hint of cake nor cake with a hint of candy. Fortunately for all the sweet-toothed sugar fiends both young and old, there is a happy medium between the two: cake pops.

sweet ballz where to buy

Two entrepreneurs also set out to make their name in the blooming cake pop industry. James McDonald and Cole Egger went on the popular TV show Shark Tank with their company, Sweet Ballz, asking for $250,000 in exchange for a 10% cut, according to the Shark Tank blog. Both Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran went in for $250,000, but for a heftier cut of 25%. So what happened to the company after the show aired? Did it rise to stardom as a sweet money-maker or, like an undercooked cake pop, wind up being a mess? is the official website for the original SweetBallz cake balls. You can choose from three flavors: Cookies and Cream, Red Velvet, and Chocolate. The price of one variety six-pack that contains 24 cake balls is $33.

James was concerned that Cole was running a separate business called Cake Balls ( is no longer functional), so they engaged in a legal struggle that resulted in Sweet Ballz being terminated.

The trio Robert, Lori, and Kevin come together to propose an offer of $250K for 30%. However, the duo of Mark and Barbara who make a counteroffer of $250K at 25% become victorious. James and Cole get a sweet deal from Mark and Barbara.

James and Cole did get a deal from Shark Tank but the episode later turned hostile as the partners got into a legal issue. James was concerned that in parallel to Sweet Ballz another line of business by Cole was being done named Cake Balls( not active now), which led to a legal battle between the two.

James McDonald had been making homemade cake balls for friends and family for years. The treats became a tradition that were passed down through the family generations. The treats took inspiration from cake pops but McDonald modified the idea into a bite-sized burst of sweetness. He teamed up with his friends, Matt Landis and Cole Egger, and the trio began City View Food Group, LLC in August 2012 (via The Dallas Morning News).

After leaving the floor on "Shark Tank," Cole Egger and James McDonald celebrated the deal together. Unfortunately, the celebration didn't last long, and the company faced some difficulties. According to The Dallas Morning News, McDonald sued Egger in September 2013, claiming he shut down the Sweet Ballz website in favor of creating a brand called "Cakeballz" and attempted to buyout the company.

Welcome to Happy Balls! made by the Old Louisville Candy Kitchen. Made in Louisville, KY, Happy Balls! are shipped all over the United States and even to several foreign countries. But no matter where you are you will always receive our freshest product!

We do have locations where our products are sold and you can check them out on the Locations page. But if you want to keep it simple, just browse our site for what your sweet tooth desires and order it online. If you're local, you can even call to schedule curbside pick-up.

Long lasting cinnamon flavoured hard boiling sweet in a Cinnamon Balls Sweet Jar. A true favourite made here in Scotland. The cinnamon taste packs quite a bunch and is not for the faint hearted! A must have for all cinnamon lovers.

If you are just eating the sweet rice balls by themselves or putting it on some shaved ice, then you can simply cook them in some sugar water. If you are eating them in red bean soup or in rice wine soup, you can cook them directly in the soup. Though if you are cooking ones with food coloring, I recommend cooking them separately first, so that the dye does not run into the soups.

Cole starts by saying that everyone loves a delicious cake or cupcake, but not the amount of time that goes into preparing a delicious treat. They took a very popular product, the cake-pop (which is a little cake ball on a stick), and removed the stick. They then added packaging and set four in a pack, making a delicious treat. They then pass out samples for the Sharks, and introduce the flavors of chocolate sweet balls, red velvet sweet balls, and vanilla cream sweet balls. All of the Sharks love the flavors.

Lori says that all of the cake-pops she has tried were not very good, and were dry and flaky. However, the cake-pops that were served to the Sharks were very cakey and moist and fresh, and want to know the shelf life of the product. James says that Sweet Ballz have about a 45 day shelf life unrefrigerated. In the last 90 days, they have done $700,000 in sales, and one of their major purchasers were actually well-known convenience chain in the United States, 7-11. Each pack retails anywhere from $1.99 to $2.49, and cost Sweet Ballz approximately $.86 to make.

Kevin notes that this is a very rare occurrence in the Shark Tank where all five sharks are involved, and insist to know the decision. Eventually, Jacob McDonald and Cole Egger decide upon having Mark and Barbara as their investment partners, earning a $250,000 investment for 25% equity split between the two Sharks.

In Colombia we use tamarind to make traditional desserts, drinks and savory sauces. I just love the sweet and tart taste of this fruit. These tamarind sweet balls are a wonderful recipe to try this ingredient for the first time.

In many cases, money determines how things pan out. We add potatoes to prevent bánh cam from exploding in the fryer. Since potatoes were scarce (expensive) in Vietnam so sweet potatoes were used instead. This increased the sweetness allowing the cook to save money by cutting back on sugar too.

The magic of MotherWay lies in the human touch.They say that touch has healing powers.Back in the days, sweets and snacks made by our mothers and grandmothers tasted special not just because they were prepared with years of experience and lots of love, but also because they were entirely handmade.

James McDonald and Cole Egger appeared on Shark Tank, a television show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, seeking an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in their startup, Sweet Ballz. 041b061a72


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