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[S1E8] Time Capsule

Welcome to the most comprehensive web-site listing of television showsthat contain some form of time manipulation, but excludes alternate,parallel universes or dimensions and cryogenics (Rip Van Winkels). There are 353 exclusiveTime Travel series identified and another 968 regular TV series that referenceover 2200 episodes with time travel. The list is presented in a spreadsheetstyle that permits sorting by clicking on any column heading.NOTE: You must have Java Script enabled to use this feature.Season and Episode numbers are based on the production sequence ratherthan the broadcasted one. With no doubt there will be inaccuracies,that will require annual update.Nonetheless, you will find the information here exciting toexplore and then challenging to find and watch. Enjoy, Tom Wollschlaeger....................REVISED 12/2022 added 265 episodes, 50 Time Travel series

[S1E8] Time Capsule

The next interesting question is, how contagious is the immunity form of the virus? Did Frederick spend enough time in proximity to Simone to catch it? Is Thomas contagious enough to make the other guards immune? Would that version of the virus be enough to counteract the nanobot plague?

The function of the time machine is to create a wormhole which opens portals thirty-three years into the past and future from the present time, allowing for time travel between the three points in time. Jonas Kahnwald believed the device could also close the original wormhole created in Winden Caves by the incident in the summer of 1986 at the Winden Nuclear Power Plant.

The time machine was designed from blueprints originally produced by the time traveling cult Sic Mundus. The clockwork device is made of copper and brass with several cogs and bolts. Three cylinders with a total of nine small switches in front of them.

In 2040, Claudia Tiedemann kills her alternate self and assumes her identity. Using the time travel orb from the other world, she travels to Eva's Erit Lux headquarters. Eva gives Claudia the blueprints for the portable time machine to give to the other Claudia (herself), stating that Claudia must deliver the plans to H.G. Tannhaus to ensure that everything happens again.[6]

Around the same time, Claudia also sends Jonas Kahnwald from the future back to 1986 with their broken version of the device to have Tannhaus repair the machine.[6] Jonas explains that the device can create a wormhole, but that he intends to use it to close the current one inside the caves.[8] Tannhaus discovered that he can activate a part of the device using Ulrich Nielsen's smartphone, which was left in his shop in 1953. Tannhaus does not repair Jonas's machine but rather completes the one he has been working on. Jonas completes the last step to be able to use the machine and places the radioactive isotope Cs-137 in a container in the device. He leaves with the newly completed machine.[2]

Jonas takes the original time machine created by H.G. Tannhaus and activates it in the caves, causing a black hole to open above the town. At the same time, Katharina Nielsen calls Ulrich's phone, the effect of which seems to be fueling this strange occurrence. An apparent mixing of points in time occurs, with a Raider commercial from 1986 showing on the TV in 2019. A wormhole opens in the bunker above the caves, between the young Helge Doppler in 1953 and the young Jonas in 1986. When their hands touch, Helge is transported to 1986 and Jonas to 2052.[2]

The two times we see Claudia use the apparatus in 1987, no cellular phone can be seen to generate an electromagnetic pulse. Elderly Claudia uses the machine in the cave near the yellow barrels, as middle-aged Claudia witnesses, to go to 1954 and bury the machine.[10] Middle-aged Claudia uses the machine she dug up in the cave also near the yellow barrels to go to 2020 to see Regina and use the library.[11] Did elderly Claudia provide her past self a cell phone? If not, how did middle-aged Claudia obtain a cell phone in 1987?

The past several episodes have whisked us through history without much time for character development or details. Now, though, it seems the rush was to get us to this place, so that we could slow down to deal with this loss.

Betty knows that Gus was concerned about that capsule, so when a man approaches her at the funeral and reveals there is something NASA isn't telling her about Gus, she's that much more driven to find out what it is.

Unfortunately, what Betty hears is too much to bear. Heck, it's too much for me to bear. She walks in just in time to hear the recording of the men screaming out, unable to escape the capsule as it burns.

Summer enters as Rick and Morty have guns to their own heads. When Rick doesn't remember her, Summer quickly realizes the situation. She reveals that Rick had a contingency plan should this happen (and has used it several times before) and tranquilizes them, restores both of their memories and drags them to the living room. Rick and Morty wake up on the couch. They believe that they slept through an entire "Interdimensional Cable" episode as Rick questions how that even happened. The two then hurl verbal abuse at Summer and decide to head off on another adventure. Summer moans that this is the reason the two are "constantly fighting and behind schedule".

This episode suggests that Rick and Morty might have left Replacement Dimension. Rick mentions that they can change dimension only a couple of times. He previously said it in "Rick Potion No.9". However we know from S3 E7 that many Rick and Mortys hop dimensions all the time and this is treated as the norm in the citadel not the exception, so "we can do it only a few times" isn't necessarily unique to C-137 Rick and his Morty.

Meanwhile, things aren't going well in a small town in Nebraska. The team is having a hard time finding water and they're almost too dehydrated to run when a massive zombie horde starts closing in. Abandoning their truck, they finally make it to shelter in a coroner's office and are joined by some new survivors.

In Nebraska, everyone climbs into the body storage units but by the time Roberta has secured everyone, the remaining unit is occupied by a zombie. As Roberta allows Murphy to seal her up in a body bag, she tells him not to leave them, as getting him to California is of vital importance. He tells her she got him as far as should could.

Back up north, Citizen Z is getting very suspicious of his new friend. Things get even more strange and dangerous when Citizen Z gets out of the bathroom and finds Yuri wearing his space station suit. A big fight ensues and ends with Yuri tied to a chair. Yuri keeps asking Citizen Z what's wrong with his dog. The dog has been sleeping for most of the day and the entire time Yuri has been there.

Meanwhile, in Nebraska, all of the group hidden are having inner monologues while 10K sleeps. The new survivor Otis's claustrophobia gets the best of him and he tells them to all get out at the same time so they can attack the zombies together. Doc tells him that nobody is going, but he's not listening. He climbs out only to get eaten the moment he does. Murphy meets a family that has been hiding out from the zombie horde. He steals their food and water and invites the zombified husband/father back into the building to go to them.

The edition is dated "July 29, 1969", which is not possible as that episode (1x01) ends on July 20 with Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. It could have been meant to be "June 29" instead of July, however that would be a Sunday. More likely, it should be "June 30", which would correspond with the real life release day of Newsweek during that era, Mondays, and would also fit best into the episode's time flow.In the episode's timeline, Deke's presentation of the article to Ed seemingly happened on July 1, after June 30 (dead of Aleida's mother, seen at 24:32) but before July 2 (14 days to Apollo 11 launch, seen at 34:52 and said at 37:26).

The Wayward Pines universe has an extensive history dating back approximately two thousand years. This article list major events in a timeline.(Note that the specific dates taking place throughout 4032 in Season 2 are very unclear and have been placed in one section. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

As the Mayor is examining the machine for the food drive, which is a food capsule based on the cash grab, a horde of turkeys rush the square and attack people. After the turkeys are gone, the "canned food grab" is started. Kenny enters the Grab-O-Lux and gets a can of string beans. After that, the mutant turkeys come back and attack the crowd again.

"We have been excited for a long time to see this first season of The Gilded Age come to fruition," Preservation Society CEO and Executive Director Trudy Coxe said. "Our houses are like time capsules where Gilded Age architecture and decor can be seen in all their glory, and the Preservation Society is honored that Lord Fellowes recognized the authenticity these settings lend to his stories. The plots may be fictional, but they are based on the historical reality of the Gilded Age. Nowhere is that reality better preserved than here in Newport." 041b061a72


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