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Kamala Das's Neypayasam: A Story that Will Make You Cry

she was acclaimed for her novel neelambari (1972), which is still seen as an icon of indian women in the post-independence, new wave feminist movement that followed the rise of indian independence. [2]

Neypayasam Short Story In Malayalam Pdf 160

kamala surayya is a well known indian writer and poet who writes in english and malayalam. she was born in 1936 in kolkata (now located in west bengal, india), and was brought up in trivandrum, kerala. besides writing poetry, stories, and essays, she writes regularly in the mathrubhumi daily newspaper in malayalam. she teaches literature, film and hindi in the university of kerala. she is also a senior research fellow at the centre for the study of regional developments(csod), new delhi.

she is the author of six novels including neelambari, poothanuchaya, ananthapathiyile manushyaputhri, neeyaakaaram, thanappa theertha and neyyaapalakkam as well as several short story collections like niranjanam, paippumon and njandimakalum (all the stories a mother had to read to a daughter).

her novel neelambari (meaning "different", neelam-bharya in malayalam) was published in 1972 and is a loosely translated version of her novel of the same name published in 1969 by the english-based publisher women's press .

other books of hers include njandimakalum, paippumon (folk tale), thanappattu theertha ( short story collection), and vimanam ( love story). she also published a collection of essays, threeratham and many stories of vimanam, reprinted from the mathrubhumi newspaper are published in book form.


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