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Wrecked Subtitles English

Star Wreck relates the adventures of James B. Pirk (named after the Star Trek character James T. Kirk), Captain of the starship C.P.P. Potkustartti (English C.P.P. Kickstart). Other characters include Mr. Fukov, Mr. Spook (Finnish: Mr. Spökö), Mr. Dwarf (Wuf), Ensign Shitty and Mr. Info (loosely based, respectively, on Star Trek's Pavel Chekov, Mr. Spock, Worf, Scotty, and Data). The characters speak Finnish; subtitles in various languages, including Klingon, are available.

Wrecked subtitles English

There are over 9 million people in the UK with a hearing difficulty who may be dependent on subtitles in order to enjoy DVDs. This translates into enormous amounts of lost profits for the DVD studios who do not fully subtitle their DVDs, and are missing out on a huge potential market. One of the primary aims of this website is to promote subtitled DVDs by ensuring that subtitle users are able to find subtitled DVDs that they want, and encouraging studios to release more subtitled DVDs.

The preview was never officially released in English. On March 19, 2014 (the 20th anniversary of Super Metroid), the Metroid Database uploaded a version of the reel with English subtitles to their YouTube channel. 041b061a72


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