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Ezekiel Hill
Ezekiel Hill

Fallout 3 Uhq Terrain Overhaull

This Texture/Mesh Pack will upgrade the Terrain fidelity of the Fallout 3 Wasteland. Formerly known as UHQ Terrain overhaul, but i added some more stuff to it, after coming from FO4 i wanted the Graphics to be better, atleast the Terrain, and fixed up the crappy normal maps i made in the earlier version, yes crappy, i know a lot of you think it was the best terrainpack, and maybe it was, but since i made it i learned a lot about texturing and modeling and thought it was less then adequate. I didn't upgrade the main textures (only a few), cause it already took a lot of time and i'm currently busy making a entire overhaul for Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts.

Fallout 3 Uhq Terrain Overhaull

Also provided 384px (instead of vanilla 256px) LOD terrain textures that complement my grass textures by making the LOD terrain greener (and some other noise colors) and higher resolution, while still being lightweight enough for everyone to use.If you rather have the bleak sandy vanilla low res lod testure, you need to go to Data/Textures/Landscape/LOD/Wasteland/ and remove the DIFFUSE folder.If you do that, the game will load it's own LOD terrain from the BSA file.

Future Plans---------------Still need to redo all rubblepile textures, some rubblepile meshes, and make a second rockcluster texture for some variation, Meshes are already set up for textureswapping, provided a MANDATORY esp to make sure all rock textures get applied correctly. Failing to Install/enable this esp will result in weird and messes up rocks, so be warned. Also need to redo a few terrain textures, mainly the trim textures and a few rockyground and mud textures, but the ones that are there will do for now, but they will change in a coming update.


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