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Get Flipnote Studio On Android

An online service, titled Flipnote Hatena (うごメモはてな, Ugomemo Hatena) allowed users to download flipnotes created by other users and to post stills from flipnotes to the sharing site Miiverse. The service officially retired on May 31, 2013. However, users were still able to transfer Flipnotes from their Flipnote Hatena account to the Flipnote Gallery World service provided with Flipnote Studio 3D, until it was shut down on April 2, 2018.[3]

Get Flipnote Studio On Android

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Clipnote studio is basic animation software and a spiritual successor to the now defunct Flipnote studio by Nintendo. Clipnote allows you to create basic animations that you can share with your friends.

If you'd like to help me develop Clipnote studio, you can buy a $5 Clipnote license which gives you access to custom themes and a fancy little supporter badge on the main menu. The license is just for people who want to donate to the project and get a little something out of it, none of the main features will be locked from you for not having the license. If you just want to donate to me directly, I have a Ko-fi page if that's more your thing.

as for the GML codebase, i dont want to release it because i know itll encourge people to carry on with it. however my feelings on gamemaker and yoyo games in general has soured greatly, and i hate the idea that clipnote studio would encourage a skillful programmer to choose to use game maker. in my honest opinion thats a horrible waste. the GML code is specific to GML, so porting it isnt as useful as you may think either. i cannot condone the use of software i genuinely hate. i honestly believe that yoyo games has hindered the indie game community for a long time even if their heart is in the right place which i find hard to believe. if i do ever finish the C version of clipnote, i may release the old GML code, but who knows. i hope you understand!

You can share your flipnotes with others by either using the Flipnote Studio 3D feature to send flipnotes to other users over a local wireless connection, or you can save your creations to an SD Card in common formats, and then share them on your social media sites.

@harouhiko The big first party studios that develop those games have nothing to do with these smaller eShop releases (that are mainly developed by indies) so that seems awfully irrelevant. Keep whining like that and you don't deserve Metroid, Pikmin, "Donkey", etc. anyway. 350c69d7ab


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