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Kamasutra Download Pdf !!BETTER!!

there is a book with the title vatsayana kamasutra telugu pdf, it is a copy of the english version of the kamasutra. actually it is made by dharma publications, one of the oldest publisher of erotic literature in india. unfortunately, no one knows when it was originally published. but it has all the features that make it as legitimate vatsayana. it differs from the classical text only by the introduction, which was done by dharma trustee vice-chancellor, prof n ramana rao. this is not the part that is of interest. the part that is of interest for us is the contents. as dharma trustee professor of the engineering college in hyderabad for many years, he is well-familiar with erotic literature and can also provide the authentic content.more and more, they understood the kamasutra will be in need of translation, so while it was early, for the english people was the kamasutra in england, in other countries - in russia, germany, france, usa, japan, indonesia, they were recognized a necessity of the translation. the translations of the kamasutra, which were realized by enthusiasts since xvii, became the source of the number of them that has nothing to be compared with the today. not only the english people, but even in other european countries.all translations were, in general, of the surface approach. the choice of the translator was limited either to those, who for a whole life had been closely following the work and studying the original version, or to those, who are well-known experts and know sanskrit. once again, the translations were far from true translation of the kamasutra and if to be more precise, from the true and most informative kamasutra. 6a6f617c0c

Kamasutra Download Pdf

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