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Fairy Tail 720p 27: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Watching the Epic Dragon Slayer Battle

i know this sounds like gust is cutting corners to the point of being cheap, but in the areas that really count fairy tail is meticulously detailed. each of the major characters has a wide range of flashy attacks, all modelled with the over-exuberance of a final fantasy special, and outside of combat have some lovely animations and design elements that really help to build personality with those characters that are important enough to be modelled. theres a bit of palette-swapping that goes on with the enemies, but theyre also lovingly detailed, and environments, while small, have the same warm, inviting aesthetic and tone that the atelier series has. the end effect is a bright, personable jrpg, and something that does seem to capture the essence of fairy tail nicely.

Fairy Tail Download 720p 27

the results are mixed. fairy tail does cover a lot of ground within the manga and anime and so, of course, it cant possibly provide a complete narrative in the span of a single game. instead, we get the crib notes version a scattershot approach where the team have chosen key moments and scenes and builds cut-scenes around those, while relying on very little to bridge the gaps. there is assumed knowledge, and none of the characters get the full fleshing out that they have in the other media, but gust has succeeded in building something that makes sense to someone who has never experienced the series before.

gust and koei tecmo europe have released a new trailer for fairy tail: dragon quest of the blazing world, following the recent gameplay footage. the trailer features new information and a glimpse of a new field that can be explored. check it out below:


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