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Hunter Martinez
Hunter Martinez

Gay Cock Tasting ((FREE))

Quick introduction for myself - I go by Cindy and I am a bi-curious crossdresser who is currently in a straight relationship. I started with some self anal play but slowly found myself lusting after a real cock at some point. I've had many fantasies but this is my first time having a sexual encounter with another man. Hope you all enjoy!

gay cock tasting

I was on a business trip and partly out of boredom but mostly out of desire, I had a desire for cock and decided that I was going to try to get a taste for the first time. I researched online for a good male-to-male massage parlor and found one within walking distance of the hotel I stayed at. I called to make an appointment and after spending half an hour getting myself cleaned and shaven, I left my hotel room and made my way to my destination.

Having never had a bi experience before, I was quite nervous and almost turned around to my hotel room. However I've dreamed of having a real cock for far too long and I decided this is as good of an opportunity as ever to try it. I showed up at the address, made my way into the 2nd floor of an old commercial building, and was greeted by a female receptionist. I was a bit embarrassed that I had requested a male masseuse, but she was definitely used to having clients of all sorts come in and made an effort to be discrete. She led me to my room and told me to undress while I wait.

When it came time for the flip, I wasn't sure what to do. I knew that once I came I wouldn't be as turned on and didn't want this opportunity to go wasted. I figure it's pretty typical to touch the masseuse at this point so I put my hand on his crotch and felt a nice, big hard cock underneath his shorts. I sat up and continued to feel his cock through his pants as he stroked my bare cock and I stopped him when I was close to cumming. I told him that I wanted to see his cock before I came and he paused momentarily before undoing his pants. It was surreal when I saw his bare cock inches away from me. He was a bit bigger than I was at around 7.5", but it was magnificent and at the moment I was ready to worship it. I instinctively stroked it as I brought my lips closer to the glistening tip. I wrapped my mouth around it slowly, savoring his precum before slowly inserting his member into my mouth. It had a bit of a salty taste and musk, perhaps just from a rather humid day, but I was having my first taste of cock and really enjoying it. I started sucking it faster and faster, imitating the porn stars I've seen who are pros at sucking dick. I slobbered all over his cock for the next 10 minutes, licking the tip and going as far down the shaft as I can comfortable do so. At times he gave the back of my head a gentle nudge when he wanted me to keep my mouth around his cock for a bit longer. He was moaning in pleasure and told me that I wasn't bad for a first timer, but I could tell that I needed a bit more training before I could get a guy to cum using my mouth.

Our time was running up and he wanted to make sure I was pleasured as well. He told me to lay on my back again and continued the HJ he started started earlier, but I insisted that the best thing he can do to make me a satisfied customer was to cum all over me. He got some lube for himself and straddled the massage table. At this point he was right on top of me and I'm sure he might have been ready to fuck me if this wasn't his work place. I've never been with another man before but at this point I was so incredibly turned on that any doubts about being bi were washed away. He stroked his cock as I stroked my own and I could tell he was very close to cumming.

I had been curious about sucking cock and tasting cum for years until I was finally bold enough to go to the local rest area out on the highway after a night of drinking. A friend had mentioned in a casual comment about 'queers' hanging out there. Until then I had no clue about that sort of thing going on there.

He unsnapped, unzipped my pants and opened my fly. Pushing down the front of my jockeys, he pulled my already hard cock out. He stroked it a few times and with his hand still on it, turned sideways and knelt on the seat. When he lowered his face into my lap and took my cock in his mouth it felt so good I kinda bounced a little on the seat. Soon his lips were clamped around my hard shaft and was bobbing up and down.

His hard cock stuck up through the top of his baby blue bikini underwear. Being under the influence enough to make me bold, I pulled down the front of his bikini briefs and started to slowly stroke him.

Taking his cock back in my mouth, I was more than eager to do as he wished. I started moving my mouth up and down, mostly concentrating on the head of his dick. Loving the feel of the ridge sliding between my lips as I sucked.

Occasionally one still sees roadside crosses marking the site of a fatal auto accident at a dangerous curve or intersection -- a warning that we take stock of how fast we are travelling and, more importantly, in what direction. Today's Telegraph sets up such a cross in reporting on the continuing Balkanization of the Church of England: The Church of England may have to split in two if women become bishops, one with female clergy and one without, an official report has concluded. An enclave for opponents of women priests could be created to avert a mass exodus when women are consecrated, possibly within five years.The faction, effectively a church within a church, could have its own archbishop, bishops, parish clergy and training colleges. But it would exclude women clerics. Proposals for a traditionalist "third province" have been floated before but this is the first time they have received official recognition. Of course, women's ordination is only a single axis of dispute; if we throw the hot topic of gay clergy into the pot we need not two but four churches-within-a-church to accommodate the factions: pro-priestess pro-gay; pro-priestess anti-gay; anti-priestess pro-gay; anti-priestess anti-gay. And while we're at it, why not erect churchlets tailored to heartfelt differences of opinion on each of the Thirty Nine Articles, giving us 2 to the 40th power or 1,099,511,627,776 distinct Christianities -- roughly 175 times greater than the total number of persons on the face of the planet? Celebrate, as it were, diversity. The point is not to gloat at the Anglicans' discomfiture but to remind ourselves that the same chasms of conviction run through the Catholic Church as well, from the pews right up into the College of Cardinals. Of course we have ecclesial advantages over the Church of England. For the Catholic faithful, among whom we include many clergymen, the Pope provides a reliable benchmark of orthodoxy, and almost all bishops are still submissive to doctrinal discipline, which means that when the Holy See holds a pistol to their heads and cocks the hammer they will repeat that such-and-such is, at least at this point in time, the unchangeable teaching of the Church. Remember that it is in the worst possible taste to ask if Catholic prelates actually assent (ex animo) to the doctrines they are charged with promulgating. In the lapidary phrase of Cardinal Maida, his auxiliaries were made bishops because of their "well-earned reputations as team players." At present, the game is that the bishops pretend to profess the Faith and the rest of us pretend to believe them. In the language of pastoral theology, the technical term for this compromise is "renewal." We are 1,099,511,627,776 Easter Peoples, and counting. 041b061a72


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