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Hunter Martinez

La Caja 507 Subtitles Serbian _HOT_

"Box 507" (not a PO Box but a safe deposit box) is all about a husband and father, Pardo (Resines), who loses his daughter in a brush fire and seven years later serendipitously discovers the fire was not the result of an accident but rather subterfuge. Pardo sets about to seek justice and finds himself embroiled in a web of intrigues involving Mafiosos and other criminal elements. This well crafted drama gets busy and stays busy with a coolly cerebral approach which avoids extremes of emotion, sex/nudity, romance, and other visceral appetizers though there is blood letting aplenty. A worthwhile watch for anyone into Euroflix with, of course, subtitles. (B+)

La caja 507 subtitles Serbian

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