Trauma, National Tragedy and Healing

Updated: Feb 7

The nation and the world has been shocked by another mass shooting in the U.S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. The details of the senseless violence that left so many dead and wounded including the gunman has been repeated over and over in the media. We are all searching for answers to the senseless violence and the widespread after effects of such violence. But what about the emotional and psychological casualties that people are experiencing from this tragedy?

Some mental health professionals believe that when such widespread violence happens the Acute Stress Disorder that can become Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder will always be with the victims. I work with victims of trauma but I help them by not emphasizing the trauma but the healing that is possible from it. I bring them hope of recovery through listening for signs of resilience and strength that is within them. I have witnessed people move from the pain of their experiences and the re-living of them to a new sense of purpose and hope.

It is because I have seen the power of faith, hope and love transform the lives of people who have had serious trauma like the people in Las Vegas and their families, that I keep doing this work. It is important to talk. It is important to pray, to trust and to believe that God is still with us even in the face of such terrible tragedies.

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