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Provin' Ground

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

My grandmother, Mama DeVoe, had a saying that I heard often growing up, "the home is the provin' ground". She wanted me to understand that she wanted me to have a good foundation to be the best person I could be. Of course, at the age of 8 or 9, some of her lessons fell flat but at 18, the lessons began to make sense. The "provin' ground" which she gave me served me well when I was no longer under her loving eye. Her "provin' ground" helped me to have a faith in Jesus Christ that has served me all my life.

A solid marriage is the foundation or provin' ground of any community. As the marriage goes, so goes the family and subsequently the community. This is why I am dedicating my professional focus on helping couples to create and keep intact marriage relationships. Using Solution Focus Therapy, I have a found a way to engage couples based in a genuine love for and belief in their ability to re-discover the love that brought them together in the first place. Blending SF (Solution Focus) with Biblical principles helps them to put their marriage relation back into the exalted place that God gave it in the Garden of Eden.

There is no magic formula that makes this work. It is simply the use of one question at a time to help unlock the love that is buried underneath work schedules, daycare stress, extended family issues, financial worries, and life in general. It is a joy to see how the love that was there once is still there waiting to be unlocked. More information about how SFT and Biblical principles can create new vistas of love, hope and longevity is coming in future blogs.

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