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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Stay Consistent with Step One

CONSISTENT: unchanging in nature. This does not mean being inflexible. What it means is that being consistent in your life brings a level of predictability that brings confidence that brings action and positive changes and desired results. Staying consistent with Step One is to be consistent in being true to yourself. If you remain true to your values, your core beliefs, your passion, then the other steps of acting from your truth and setting clear boundaries for yourself becomes a way of life. Then it becomes much easier to be consistent with Step One and to start all over it again.

Finally, being consistent has another benefit: “A consistent life, characterized by the meekness of Christ, is a power in the world.” This is the power that fuels your passion and keeps you on track to reach your personal goals.

There are four steps to pursuing and living your passion:

  1. Be true to yourself.

  2. Act from your truth.

  3. Set clear boundaries for your actions.

  4. Stay consistent with number one.

As you apply them in your life, watch your passion grow and be fulfilled

In faith and love,


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