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Simmel Concept And Tragedy Of Culture Pdf 47

At various points in his life, Lukács had rejected thepessimism of his youth. First, he had endorsed an optimism concerningthe capacity of the proletariat to constitute such a totality insociety through a revolutionary overcoming of reification; later on,this optimism was modified to encompass the ever increasing humancapacities to become self-conscious of their universal characterthrough a reflection of the existing social totality in the totalityof the work of art. Thus, even at his most conservative moments as aproponent of Socialist Realism, Lukács is motivated by a keenintuition concerning the tragic consequences of this aspect of modernculture and, as the constant revisions of his position show, by asensitivity to the inappropriateness of all conceptions of the humancondition which do not appropriately deal with this problem.

Simmel Concept And Tragedy Of Culture Pdf 47


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