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Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 2

So ends episode 2. This week I did enjoy the medical case that Joel worked on. In other areas though, I hope we flesh out or see why Charlie left Dawn for Alex. And hopefully we get some episodes that delve into the personal lives of Maggie, Gavin and the rest of the staff of Hope-Zion that is not named Charlie, Alex and Joel.

saving hope season 2 episode 2

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In September 2012, NBC pulled the last two episodes of the first season, and released them online, subsequently canceling the series. And then, in early 2014, Ion Television picked the up the US rights to first three season of the show and it began airing from the start and on October 13, 2015 and aired the last two episodes NBC had skipped before cancelling the show and season three premiered on April 5, 2016. And then Ion made a deal with CTV's parent Bell Media to co-produce season 4 and future seasons of the series and season 4 premiered in 2017.[1] On December 17, 2015, CTV and Ion ordered a fifth and final season of the series, which premiered on CTV on March 12, 2017 and ended on August 3, 2017 and on Ion in early 2018 and ended in the summer of that year.[2][3] During the course of the series, 85 episodes of Saving Hope aired over five seasons.

TVLine has learned that ION Television has reached an agreement with Entertainment One Television to host the upcoming 18-episode third season of the Canadian-produced, Erica Durance-fronted medical drama, as well as get dibs on repeats of the first two cycles.

The next two episodes were great, but then, it was all downhill from there. The show turned into a huge mess and as much as I liked the actors, it became a chore to tune in each week. The characters changed personalities from week to week, the supporting characters served little purpose, the hospital cases were boring, and even worse, talented actors were being wasted on bad writing. There were a few sparks here and there where the show came alive again and made me hopeful (no pun intended) that the show might revert back to being good, but it was never enough to actually make me like the show.

ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂCTV announced today it has upped the ante on its second season order for its hit Canadian drama series, SAVING HOPE, to even more episodes. The broadcaster has ordered an additional five hours from ICF Films/Entertainment One (eOne), bringing its second season commitment to 18 episodes in total. The most-watched drama series on Canadian television this summer, SAVING HOPE reigns as the most-watched Canadian drama of the 2011-12 broadcast year, with an impressive Season 1 average of 1.7 million viewers each week.

And now that the first season has finally outed itself as a "Fight Club" homage (with a swaggering Christian Slater playing the show's version of Tyler Durden), the second season can hopefully move away from derivative dude-cinema to engage more fully with what it means to be driven mad by this particular world. "Mr. Robot" is much more than just another narrative of the male ego's will-to-power, but it let on to its complexity late in the game.


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