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Ezekiel Hill
Ezekiel Hill

Open Bay Pro Nulled Xenforo Fix

The X301 is a CoreXY 3D Printer that has a small footprint and a large 300x300x330 build area. The open style of this printer breaks the "Cube" mold of many other printers in this class but still retails rigidity and great performance.

open bay pro nulled xenforo

Easy to build - affordable opensource DIY CoreXY 3d Printer for fast reliable prototyping on your desktop - All wheels and V-Slots for smooth quick moves and opensource firmware on 8 or 32 bit controllers

A robust Core XY style 3D printer that has a clean parallel belt implementation and whose dimensions are adaptable to meet builder's needs. The use of open builds V-slot and other open hardware make customization easy.

CoreXY printer heavily inspired by e3d's new open source printer with tool changing.I intend to make it so when e3d start selling toolheads these can be added to the machine without any major work having to be done. 350c69d7ab


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