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How to Download The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF for Free

The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF Download

If you are looking for a classic short story that is full of humour and irony, you might want to download The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF. This story is written by one of India's best cartoonists and satirists, who is famous for his common man cartoons. The story revolves around a photo frame maker named Datta, who faces a dilemma when he accidentally spoils an old photograph of a customer's ancestor.

the gold frame by rk laxman pdf download


What is the story about?

The story begins with a customer bringing an old photograph of his grandfather for framing. He tells Datta that he worships his grandfather as the god of his family and wants a best oval shape frame for the photo. Datta agrees and asks for two weeks time to complete the work. However, he forgets about the photo until the customer comes back after ten days to check on it. Datta then starts to work on the frame, but in the process, he spills paint on the old man's face and ruins the photo.

Datta is terrified and wonders what to do. He prays to the gods for a solution and looks around his shop for a substitute photo. He finds one that looks similar to the old man and decides to use it instead. He works carefully and puts the photo in a shining gold frame. The next day, the customer comes to his shop and Datta gives him the package. The customer is impatient to see the portrait and thanks Datta happily after opening it. But soon, he asks Datta what he has done and shows him the portrait.

Datta fears that he has been caught in his fraud and tries to explain. But to his surprise, the customer does not notice the fake photo and only complains about the shape of the frame. He asks Datta why he has made a square frame instead of an oval one. Datta feels relieved and tells him that he can change it if he wants. The customer says that it does not matter and leaves with the portrait.

What is the theme of the story?

The story is a humorous and ironic commentary on human nature and values. It shows how people can be blind to the obvious and focus on trivial things instead of important ones. It also shows how people can be easily deceived by appearances and superficialities. The customer does not recognize his own grandfather's photo and accepts a stranger's photo as his ancestor. He does not care about the authenticity or the sentiment of the photo, but only about the shape and the quality of the frame. He worships his grandfather as a god, but does not bother to look at his face closely.

The story also shows how Datta manages to escape from his predicament by using his wit and creativity. He finds a way out of his problem by replacing the photo with another one that looks similar enough to fool the customer. He also uses a gold frame to enhance the appearance of the photo and make it more appealing to the customer. He takes advantage of the customer's ignorance and gullibility and saves himself from trouble.

How to download The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF?

If you want to read this story online or offline, you can download The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF from various sources. Here are some of them:

  • You can download the PDF file from this link: The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF. This is a scanned copy of the story from a book.

  • You can also download the PDF file from this link: The Best of Laxman Cartoons Volume 4. This is a collection of cartoons and stories by RK Laxman, including The Gold Frame. You can read it online or download it in various formats.

  • Another option is to download the PDF file from this link: BA English - The Gold Frame by R. K. Laxman BA Study Material. This is a study material for BA English students, which contains the summary and analysis of the story.

Whichever source you choose, you will enjoy reading this story and appreciate the humour and irony of RK Laxman.


The Gold Frame by RK Laxman is a short story that showcases the talent and the wit of the author. It is a humorous and ironic tale that exposes the flaws and the follies of human nature and values. It also demonstrates how a simple photo frame can create a complex situation and how a clever frame maker can solve it. The story is a delight to read and a lesson to learn. You can download The Gold Frame by RK Laxman PDF from any of the links given above and enjoy this masterpiece of Indian literature. b99f773239


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